Winter’s Breath is a one-man-band-project, I Burkhard - have started in Vienna / Austria in 2020. I have been into metal music for almost 30 years now, there was always a passion for this kind of music. My interest in different styles changed from classic trash metal to black metal and sub genres over the years. I have always wanted to create music and so I started playing drums and tried to form a band with a few guys from my school but in the end that didn’t work out. Some things need some time to develop and find the right time Winter’s Breath was such a thing. When moving to Vienna, I needed to leave my beloved drum set behind and started playing guitar. With playing guitar, a whole new world was opened for me and the right time to start Winter’s Breath was in summer 2020. I don’t want to say, that this is a covid project covid gave me the time and space to start this project and I don’t regret it. In the beginning, I was amazed what can be done and how things worked out. Winter’s Breath was always a part of me, in a very deep slumber… Since then, I worked continuously on my music, releasing EPs, LPs and collaborated with other musicians on split albums and samplers (see full discography). Musically, I am orientated to Symphonic Black/Progressive Metal, always having a focus on melody and catchiness. My lyrics are always packed in a story, reflecting aspects of daily life.